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The ACCUPLACER is the most commonly used placement exam for community colleges and state universities. This test gives incoming students the opportunity to place out of remediation and introductory classes. Success = credit hour savings!

You will be tested on reading comprehension, English, arithmetic, elementary algebra, and college level math. We offer a comprehensive flashcard system, in-depth eBook, practice test kit with analytics, and a premium tutoring program All of these products are aimed to do one thing: help you ace the ACCUPLACER and place out of remediation and introductory classes.

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Our Flashcard System is a fun and easy way to study important ACCUPLACER topics, reinforce necessary skills and practice real ACCUPLACER problems.

Premium Content

  • Hundreds of online flashcards written by ACCUPLACER experts
  • Tips on how to beat the ACCUPLACER
  • Review of question types and formats
  • Quick review of every topic on the ACCUPLACER
  • Multiple practice questions on each topic with answer explanations


Superior Features

  • Flag flashcards you want to focus on more. They will be automatically added to a new deck for easy and efficient studying.
  • Check off mastered cards to temporarily remove them from the deck.
  • Shuffle flashcards to randomize order or navigate by topic through our index.
  • View questions on front side of card. Flip to reveal answer and explanation.


Content Index


  • Sentence skills review
  • Sentence correction questions
  • Construction shift questions
  • Test hacks
  • Practice questions & answer explanations

Reading Comprehension

  • Reading comprehension overview & tips
  • Reading comp sample questions


  • Order of operations
  • Operations with positive & negative integers
  • Operations with fractions & mixed numbers
  • Operations with decimals & percents
  • Applications & problem solving

Elementary Algebra

  • Operations with integers & rational numbers
  • Operations with algebraic expressions
  • Solcing equations

College Level Math

  • Algebraic operations
  • Solutions of equations & ineqaulities
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Functions
  • Trigonometry
  • Application & other algebra topics


The WritePlacer

  • Sample writing prompts